Recipe: Fresh milk and risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh milk and risotto



  1. The dried mushroom is soaked, because it has a strong aroma and will give the rice a scent. As for what mushroom to use, I think it’s good to mix it.

  2. Mushrooms, Coprinus comatus and other mushrooms are cut into flakes or granules. Bacon, the onion is also cut into small pieces. The garlic is cut into fine grains, which is finer and tastes better.

  3. First, stir the garlic and onion, add bacon, stir-fry all kinds of mushrooms, add appropriate amount of salt and black pepper powder, and set aside

  4. Hot pot, add butter to the medium heat, add the washed rice, stir fry until the rice is golden, add chicken soup and a little water, reduce the firepower, cook for 10 minutes, and stir it on the way.

  5. When the rice is ripe, add milk and start to stir fry, add a little pepper and salt.

  6. When the rice is ripe, add the fried mushroom ingredients and continue to stir fry. Add the cheese powder or cheese block and basil until the rice is in the city. The effect of risotto is a little thick soup, the rice should not be cooked too soft, so the taste is not good

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