Recipe: Fresh meat, shrimp, swallow

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh meat, shrimp, swallow



  1. Native chicken soup: The chicken is going to the end to cut the big pieces, and the hot water is hot and hot to remove the floating foam. In another casserole, put in cold water and chicken, boil with ginger, boil and simmer for about two hours. Season with salt before cooking.

  2. Stuffing stuffing: Shrimp shelling to shrimp line, chopped or diced (to the extent that you can master it yourself) Add meat, egg, onion, minced garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt in a scary piece. Mix well. The stuffing after mixing should be more sticky.

  3. Treatment of swallow skin: dry swallow skin purchased online, sliced ​​and tiled. The skin can be moistened by evenly spraying water by hand.

  4. Packing, put a little stuffing in the swine skin, and pinch the mouth.

  5. Boiled oysters: Chicken soup is boiled under the soup, simmered, and cold water is added twice in the middle. Add vegetables before the pot.


Originally, the stuffing was to increase the onion, and the onion was not placed at home, and the taste was very fresh. The package can be frozen once it is eaten, and then frozen first, then frozen and then stored in a sealed bag.

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