Recipe: Fresh meat shrimp dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh meat shrimp dumplings


俺This formula is quite pure and quite care for the shrimps. Every dumpling has 3~4 small shrimps. O(∩_∩)Y~



  1. Add a little cooking wine, salt, sugar, and eggs to the meat. Mix well.

  2. Wash the onions and ginger. Sweep the skin according to your personal preference and control the amount of the mash. Add the minced meat and mix well.

  3. When making dumplings, put the semi-finished shrimps on one side and add 3~5 capsules to each core.


1. Pack two dumplings first. Let's taste the saltiness of the dumplings. Then adjust the seasoning of the meat core. 2, do not put too much sugar, just play the role of hanging taste 3, 俺 is the smallest kind of shrimp bought in the semi-finished counters in the market. Generally buy a ten dollars. Sometimes it is a good accessory to bring fried rice cakes.

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