Recipe: Fresh meat mustard moon cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh meat mustard moon cake



  1. Stuffing: minced meat and mustard with salt, sugar, chicken, cooking wine, dry starch and mix well

  2. Put the oil skin into a dough, 2 parts of the pastry and dough, place them separately, wake up for 10 minutes.

  3. Divide the awake oil skin into 15G each size, and divide the crisp into 10G each

  4. Put the oily skin into the pastry, place it face down, press it flat, roll it up, then flatten it, then roll it up.

  5. Wake up for 15 minutes after all is done

  6. Wrap the whipped pastry into a filling, close the mouth and place it down

  7. Brush the oil on the baking tray, put the prepared moon cake into the baking tray, brush the egg yolk on the top, and order the sesame seeds.

  8. The oven is preheated to 170 degrees, the middle layer is baked for 30 minutes, and the egg yolk solution is brushed twice in the middle.

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