Recipe: Fresh meat buns

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh meat buns



  1. Noodles: Warm milk and white sugar are evenly mixed, put in yeast, and let stand for 5 minutes, the yeast is active.

  2. Pour the yeast into the container, add the flour and salt, don't lick it first, stir it into pieces with chopsticks.

  3. Then I started to squat, saying that I want to reach the three lights, try to make the face light, the basin light, the hand light, but the dough that I picked out has never been as smooth as the masters on the Internet, but it should be enough to do the hand light. The dough is as long as it doesn't touch the surface, the surface is not very smooth, this should not affect the fermentation.

  4. The lid of the container is covered with a lid, otherwise it is sealed with a plastic wrap and fermented at about 30-30 degrees. The room temperature is just right in the summer. I usually send it for an hour, and the dough is 1.5 times to 2 times larger. Honeycomb

  5. Press the pressed dough and knead the dough, mainly for the purpose of venting. The shovel is smooth, and the filling is also done. Then the buns are ready.

  6. Pork is stuffed into a stuffing, can also be placed in a cooking machine, chopped green onion, green onion into the meat, release soy (according to personal taste), salt, a little sugar (can be tasted), a little oyster sauce, cooking wine Sesame oil

  7. Use chopsticks to stir in one direction, add appropriate amount of plain soup, stir and stir. Because this time I added some high soup, the stuffing is relatively wet, the noodles are still hair, so I put the stuffing in the refrigerator for half an hour.

  8. Bun: Roll the dough into a strip. Cut into the size of the agent, the size is casual, mainly the size of the buns you want, suede, thick in the middle, thin around, as round as possible, evenly, and around as thin as possible, this is related to the bun pleats and cuffs Good to see

  9. Put the stuffing in the middle of the skin, the novice can put a little less

  10. a pleat, a pleat of slowly pinching, the number of pleats to see personal habits

  11. Close the mouth. There are two kinds, one is a bowl shape, and the other is a nipple shape. I am a bowl shape today.

  12. Steamer mat on the steamer mat, arrange the wrapped steamed buns, leave some space between the steamed buns and the steamed buns, cover the lid, place it for about 20 minutes, and ferment twice.

  13. Steam from cold water, 15 to 20 minutes, turn off the heat, open after 2 or 3 minutes. When steaming the second pot, be sure to pour the hot water from the first pot and steam it for cold water.


1. This time I used the milk instead of the surface water. The sugar salt is indispensable. 2, said to be to face light, basin light, hand light, but the dough I picked out has never been as smooth as the masters on the Internet. In my experience, it should be enough to do the light. As long as the dough does not touch the hand, the surface is not very smooth, this should not affect the fermentation. 3, suede children should also pay attention to the uniformity of the sputum, which is more conducive to the buns to look good. 4, because my face is relatively soft, so the buns are best wrapped in a steamer for secondary fermentation, if the second fermentation is good and then put the steamer, the skin is very soft, the process of the bun is easily deformed . 5. The longer the secondary fermentation time, the less obvious the steamed bun pleats, but the softer the steamed buns. If the steamed buns are more juicy, don't wake up for too long, otherwise the steamed buns will easily ooze out. 6, stuffing, I added a little soup, so that the meat package is more delicious.

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