Recipe: Fresh meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh meat


This fresh meat is learned by her mother-in-law. I like to eat the "chicken fresh meat big 馄饨" made by my mother-in-law. It is very delicious, but unfortunately we can't buy leeks in our Guangdong. I feel that Shanghai's cockroaches are very delicious. I don't like to be a big cockroach or a little cockroach. I remember that there was a “Golden Master 馄饨 shop” at the entrance of the community. When I was pregnant, I went for a walk every night. When I came back, , and LG went there to eat a bowl. After going back and forth, I found that it was changed to McDonald's. Also, Shanghai's raw fried steamed buns are also very delicious. There used to be a “Yangzhou Hotel” next to the community. Every morning, many People are lining up to buy raw fried, and later there is no change, and it is still changed to eat hot pot. Now, it seems that there is no restaurant to eat snacks near the community, at least to go to the ten villages of Weifang to eat. Oops, don’t say it, it’s really awkward to say it again. There are so many delicious things in Shanghai.



  1. Pork peeled, cleaned, cut into strips, cut into cubes, and finally minced into minced meat

  2. Add appropriate amount of pepper, salt, raw flour, and 1 egg and mix well. Stir in the same direction until it is glued into fresh meat.

  3. Use chopsticks to hold the right amount of meat in the middle of the suede

  4. Use your fingers to pry a little water on one side of the suede, fold the opposite side, and pinch

  5. Pick up a little water and pinch the two sides together to become an ingot

  6. Put all the bags in turn

  7. Put the water in the pot, boil it, put in the wolfberry and seaweed, shrimp

  8. When the water is about to boil, add half a bowl of cold water, repeat 2~3 times, and finally boil it again, season with salt.


1: the meat stuffing should be stirred in the same direction until the glue is added, and 1 teaspoon of water is added in an appropriate amount during the stirring process; 2: Add 2 times of cold water to the cooking process, so that the cooked oysters are delicious; 3: If you have broth at home, it is more delicious to use instead of water to cook.

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