Recipe: Fresh meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh meat



  1. Add a little salt to the flour, pour in cold water and knead it into a hard dough.

  2. Pork chop stuffing, fresh shrimp go to the head and tail, pick the shrimp line, knead into shrimp

  3. Mix onion ginger and 25 grams of water into onion ginger water, mix in pork filling and mix well

  4. Add salt, soy sauce, cooking wine, pepper and sesame oil to the pork filling.

  5. Finally, mix the shrimp with pork.

  6. Use a household pressing machine to press the dough into thin slices and cut into squares.

  7. Wrap a little bit of meat into a clam and cook in a pan

  8. Even the soup is served in a bowl, add scallion and sesame oil.


1 You can add an egg white when you knead the dough, and the mink that is made is more difficult to break. 2 meat can be all pork, but adding fresh shrimp tastes more delicious 3 You can also add pepper, coriander, mustard, seaweed, etc. to the bowl of Shengyu, which is richer in taste. 4 It is best to use a pressing machine, which is much thinner than a handkerchief.

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