Recipe: Fresh Mangosteen Hawthorn Tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh Mangosteen Hawthorn Tea


Last time I bought it with my friends, because I was stupid! ! Soak one at a time! ! The result is sweet to sad! ! I found a recipe to drink water and taste better than soaking it alone! ! (It may be that I put too many Luo Han Guo for the first time.) The following is from the mother! ! Indications to clear the heat and lungs, cough, pharynx, smooth bowel laxative. For lung fire cough, sore throat, constipation. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Luo Han Guo Gan, acid, cool, has the effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, Shengjin cough, smoothing detoxification, rejuvenating skin, moistening the lungs and removing phlegm, etc., can be used for prolonging life, staying in color and treating heat Cough, sore throat, constipation, and thirst and irritability. Modern medical research has found that Mangosteen is rich in glycocalyx. The sweetness of this glycoside is 300 times that of sucrose. It has hypoglycemic effect and can be used to treat diabetes. It is rich in vitamin C and has anti-aging. Anti-cancer and skin-beautifying effects; it has the effect of lowering blood fat and losing weight, can help treat hyperlipidemia, improve the image of obese people, is a must-have fruit for beauty. How to choose Luo Han Guo when buying Luo Han Guo, you should choose a large round shape, the color is yellow and brown, the sound is not shaken, the shell is not broken, not coke, sweet and not bitter. After the fruit of Luo Han Guo is ripe, it is harvested in batches and placed for five to seven days. After the fruit is saccharified, it is baked slowly. The temperature is controlled between 45-65 ° C. It is usually baked for seven or eight nights, and the skin is yellowish brown. It’s already dry, it’s light and brittle, but it’s succulent inside, so it’s baked.



  1. Boil the boiled rice into the prepared hawthorn and mangosteen, simmer for 10 minutes and then simmer for 5 minutes.


Don't let go of Luo Han Guo. . . I just counted the next 10g and it looks like 7 small flaps. . Don't add more, or sweet death.

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