Recipe: Fresh low-fat mashed potatoes

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh low-fat mashed potatoes


There are countless mashed potato recipes, and it’s all over the milky mouth. Mayonnaise Thousand Island Sauce Butter Mozzarella cheese... Let's check the calories. I still insist on low fat for the purpose, so do not add the above, try to taste the taste of fresh mashed potatoes, mainly from medium-sized potatoes and eggs, see the specific weight, in two, when adding meals



  1. The potatoes are peeled and steamed; or cooked in a water with a cross-cutting knife for 20 minutes, which can be easily peeled. They can be easily inserted into a chopstick. Take a large bowl and mash the potatoes with a mashed potato. Don't press it very thin. Leave some small pieces for concave shape.

  2. Prepare side dishes: boiled eggs; okra cut into small pieces; cucumber, carrot diced; carrot diced, peas scald hot (with a side dish with you, I just take home just happened)

  3. Tune the sauce: the tomato is sweet, half cut into diced, the more broken the better, put the plate to prevent the juice from running away, a little salt, I also added aromatic vinegar (slightly), mix thoroughly

  4. Plate & plate: mix the dish with pure mashed potatoes, then pour in the sauce and mix. If you think that the bowl is stained with mashed potatoes and you are not afraid of trouble, you can take another small bowl and install it again. (It’s a step for the woman, but I am not...) Finally, sprinkle with parsley and grind black pepper. , to enhance the force.


The disadvantage of adding 啥 is that you may need to wash a few more bowls.

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