Recipe: Fresh lotus seeds fried with fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh lotus seeds fried with fungus


Strong heart and tranquility: When lotus seeds are used as a health care diet, they generally do not abandon the lotus core. The lotus seed core is the blue-green germ in the center of the lotus seed. It tastes bitter, has the effect of clearing heat, solidifying, calming the nerves and strengthening the heart. It can soak the lotus seed core 2 grams with boiling water to treat the irritability, confusion and dreams caused by high fever. Essence, also used to treat high blood pressure, dizziness, palpitations and insomnia. The alkaloids contained in the fresh lotus seed core have a significant cardiotonic effect, and the lotus core has a strong anti-calcium and anti-arrhythmia effect. {Sexual tastes returning} Lotus seeds are sweet, sputum, and flat; spleen and kidney. Fried lotus seeds are sweet, glutinous, warm; spleen, kidney, heart. {Effects and Indications} Lotus seeds grow up in nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves. Used for virtual annoyance, convulsions, insomnia. The effect of fried lotus seeds is enhanced, longer than spleen and diarrhea, and tonifying the kidney and solidifying. It is used for spleen deficiency and diarrhea and kidney essence.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh lotus seeds go to heart and clean

    Fresh lotus seeds go to heart and clean

  2. Black fungus foam (I use a small bubble rate), generally foam for 2 hours, so you can wash it completely

  3. First, stir the oil and lotus seeds in the pot for 2 minutes, or you will stick the pan, then add the fungus + seasoning + finally put the salt to serve!

  4. Everyone can try! !

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