Recipe: Fresh lotus pigeon soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh lotus pigeon soup


Pigeon meat is also rich in pantothenic acid, which has a good effect on hair loss, white hair and pre-hair loss. Pigeons contain more branched-chain amino acids and arginine to promote protein synthesis in the body and accelerate wound healing. Chinese medicine believes that pigeon meat is easy to digest, has the function of nourishing Qi, hurricane detoxification, and has a good tonic effect on the weak after the disease, blood deficiency amenorrhea, dizziness and distress, and the decline of the billion.



  1. Wash the pigeons, treat the internal organs, and mix them with the tenderloin into the cold water pot. Cook until the water starts to float and then turn off the fire. Remove the pigeons and tenderloin, cut the pigeons into four large pieces, change the size of the tenderloin into mahjong, and rinse with warm water to make the soup clearer.

  2. Also prepare a casserole, put in the pigeons, tenderloin, red dates, yellow wine, ginger, pour hot water to the raw material about 5cm, after the fire is boiled, change to a small fire for two hours. Fresh lotus seeds and clams are rinsed with water, put into the pot and simmer for 15 minutes, then you can turn off the fire, and then you can put some salt to taste.

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