Recipe: Fresh herbs stewed pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh herbs stewed pork


Yes, it is the foreign style of the tenderloin. I dare not say that I can compete with all kinds of Chinese-style silk diced stir-fry, and it is another option for western meat main dishes. It is not too expensive to do. It is important that you can not use the oven - often banquets, and only The kitchen under the oven must have experienced the rush of the day to cope with the oven co-ordination problem - and when you roast chicken roast vegetables or beef stew, this dish can be finished at the stove end, there is still one in the process Small window idle mix tank salad and the like, why not.



  1. Heat the olive oil in a cast iron pan, add the chopped or sliced ​​garlic cloves, and slightly sauté the vanilla leaves. (The oil temperature should not be too high, so as to avoid the fresh vanilla instant scorching). After about 1 minute, add the pork fillet. (If it is too long, it can be cut into two). Place it on the vanilla and fry on both sides for about 3 minutes. Remove the pig's willow. (You can also marinate the pork with herbs and olive oil in advance and fry them directly into the pan.)

  2. Add 200ml of white wine to the remaining oil of 1 and shovel the bottom of the pot with a spatula for about 1-2 minutes or until there is no obvious alcohol.

  3. Turn to medium heat, re-inject the pork, add the right amount of salt and black pepper. The lid is boiled for about 30 minutes, pay attention to turning over, do not stick to the bottom. Make sure that the soup is left in the pot and add about 60ml of hot water if necessary.

  4. Remove the pig's willow and let it cool. Add 100ml white wine to the soup in the pot, stir and stir on medium heat, add high soup, shovel the bottom of the pot, and set off from the fire.

  5. After cooling (about 20 minutes), add butter to the pan, heat over medium heat, stir until slightly thick, but avoid boiling. If the juice is not obvious, add cornstarch in 30ml of water and mix well to thicken the pan. Season with salt and black pepper and leave the fire.

  6. The cold pig willows are cut into about 3-5mm slices with a serrated knife, placed in the dish, and the surface is topped with 5 pieces. The side of the plate is decorated with fresh vanilla leaves.


If you use sage, pay attention to the amount of sage, the sage will make the meat slightly acidic, do not like it. If you use thyme, it is recommended to bundle the thyme with a cotton thread to prevent the leaves from spreading during the cooking process. Thyme can be discarded after use and does not have to be filled with soup. All other ingredient measurements can be increased or decreased according to personal taste preferences.

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