Recipe: Fresh chicken legs, wonton soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh chicken legs, wonton soup


The fresh chicken legs that I have made this time are really delicious. I think this condiment of liquid can replace MSG and chicken essence. Use chicken juice to freshen it, dissolve it more quickly in the soup than the powdered seasoning, and it won't happen. If you are cooking, it is the same as the use of chicken and MSG. When the dish is out of the pan, a few drops are made, which is quite quick. But it is a little troublesome. After opening the cover, you have to store it in the refrigerator.



  1. Prepare the raw materials to be used, and wash the bamboo stalks with 2 times of light salt water.

  2. If you are serious, you can pick up the chicken legs first. Put the water in the pot, add the pepper, the onion, the ginger and a little cooking wine. Put in the chicken leg, ignite the pot, remove the float and remove it.

  3. Pour chicken soup in the casserole, or use clear water if not

  4. Jiahao chicken sauce packaging

  5. Add the right amount of Jiahao chicken juice, salt, sugar flavored soup base

  6. Put the chicken legs in the water, turn the fire and turn to a small fire

  7. Put crab sticks and fish balls

  8. Mushrooms are placed in the pot after engraving

  9. Put the bamboo chopped foam into the casserole, cover and cook for 20-30 minutes.

  10. Put in wonton after half an hour

  11. Add the leaf portion of the dish and the rape dish

  12. Finally, add the Flammulina velutipes and simmer it. Last parsley embellishment


1. The vegetables can be boiled and not cooked for too long. 2. After the mushrooms are cooked, they will be retracted, and you can choose a large engraved flower. 3. Jiahao chicken juice can be increased according to the amount of soup, and how much can be free. 4. If you are afraid of trouble, you can also use the chicken legs without drowning. Directly placed in the soup, the fire is boiled directly to the float, the blood of the chicken legs is not much.

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