Recipe: Fresh babe fried old man

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh babe fried old man


Fresh Bayu's mouth-sensing to the food is a strong front-end taste. It is a good seasoning and labor saving. The most important thing is to have a strong seafood flavor and rich in nutrients such as amino acids, iron, phosphorus and calcium. Personally think that fresh Beilu is the most practical in the summer, mixing vegetables, or directly foraging. This is also fresh with the seafood.



  1. Old washable shell

  2. Red pepper shredded, ginger shredded, onion cut into small pieces

  3. The oil in the pot is hot, and the ginger is scented.

  4. Pour into the old man, stir the fire for a while, see the old man’s meat spit out

  5. Add soy sauce, add fresh bacon, stir well

  6. Add red pepper, onion, turn off the fire


1. Please buy a live calluse and clean it. 2, this is a quick-handed dish, the old is very familiar, can not stir up for a long time, will affect the taste.

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