Recipe: French cream top matcha cup cake CUPCAKE

Home Cooking Recipe: French cream top matcha cup cake CUPCAKE


180 degrees, the middle layer is baked for about 22 minutes. 5cm paper cup 6 quantities TIPS: The oven has its own temper, according to the appropriate adjustment of your home.  My family’s temper is a little explosive, and the temperature of others will drop.



  1. After the butter softens at room temperature, the egg beater is slightly sent to a smooth surface (slightly whitish volume is slightly larger), add fine sugar and continue to mix well.

  2. Add the beaten egg liquid in three portions and mix evenly with the butter.

  3. Pour milk without stirring

  4. Add mixed sifted powder (low-gluten flour, matcha powder, salt, baking powder, baking soda)

  5. Mix evenly with a spatula until smooth and free of particles

  6. The flower bag is squeezed into the paper cup about 6-7 minutes (the expansion is very high)

  7. This time, the cake is soft, so it is equipped with a delicate French cream.

  8. Egg yolk, sugar, milk, cream Add in a small pot and mix well, stir until heated to about 80 degrees (surface dense vesicles), immediately separated from the fire by cooling water cooling

  9. At room temperature, the butter is smooth and slightly whitish.

  10. Cool the egg milk into the butter and mix well.


1. Butter and eggs must be warmed up, and they will be smooth when they are printed. 2. There is no need to stir when adding milk because the butter itself has a small ability to eat water. After adding the powder, it will help the butter to eat water. Just mix well. 3. The amount of various raw materials is not large, such as powder and icing sugar, the custard materials are placed in a bowl and said that it will be fine, otherwise the peeling function will be sad. 4. When heating the egg milk liquid, be sure to keep stirring for a small fire. If the temperature is too high, the egg will cake.

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