Recipe: Fragrant sirloin

Home Cooking Recipe: Fragrant sirloin


Since Otaru has a pot of old marinade, I have to do some lo mei, chicken feet, chicken wings, duck feet, duck wings, kelp, eggs, lotus roots... Xiaohao’s colleagues like to eat these lo mei, provided that they don’t Spicy, so the marinade is not put in the chili, and friends who like to eat spicy can add chili, so that is more flavorful! In fact, Xiao Yan prefers to eat beef! Especially the burdock, the gluten is fun!



  1. Wash the burdock and add it to the ginger onion water until you can't see the blood.

  2. Prepare the halogen, add water to boil

  3. Pour in the old marinade and rock sugar, and wash the sirloin with cold water.

  4. Boil the boiled water and add the sirloin. Cook until the chopsticks can be put in and you can remove it and let it cool.

  5. Slice and eat. Xiao Yan likes to taste the fresh and sesame oil, and then steam it a little.

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