Recipe: Fragrant halogen chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Fragrant halogen chicken


Fragrant halogen chicken Simple home-cooked food, full of home taste. Just like it's full of marinade~~ I am homesick while eating~



  1. Vegetarian chicken washed drain, cut into thin slices

  2. Cut green onion with green onion and cut small pieces of millet pepper

  3. 4, put the oil in the pot, a little more, put in the medium heat, fry the chicken with a large fire to two sides of golden yellow, the surface should be a bubble

  4. 6, pour out the excess oil, leave a little base oil, put all the chicken fire stir fry, add star anise, moderate soy sauce, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine and water, cover the lid and boil, then turn to low heat , about 10 minutes, the volume of the vegetarian chicken is swelled, the taste is added, and finally the juice is harvested with a large fire, and the mixture is evenly mixed.

  5. Sprinkle a little chopped green onion with millet pepper

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