Recipe: Fragrant black fish sauerkraut

Home Cooking Recipe: Fragrant black fish sauerkraut


Even the whole family loves to eat fish, and feels that every meal has to wait for a small fish. I hope that with the help of eating more fish, the heads of our heads will develop many times and be smarter! It is said that the nutritional value of blackfish is very high. Fish contains protein, fat, 18 kinds of amino acids, etc. It also contains essential calcium, phosphorus, iron and multivitamins; That black sauerkraut soup today is burned right. . .   Clean the refrigerator and find the leftover sauerkraut before it is half-packed. Mother just bought the black fish and smashed the black fish. Combine the two, add some side dishes, perfect match, think about drooling...



  1. The black fish fillets are prepared in advance and marinated for about one hour with the A material;

  2. Ingredients black fungus and dry fragrant wash beforehand, the water should not be poured out;

  3. Add more olive oil to the pot, add ginger and garlic to slide the black fish fillet, then drain the oil for use;

  4. Leave a little oil in the pot, put the dried chili and fennel in, and stir the sauerkraut, the black fungus and the dried fragrant scallions.

  5. Pour in the fragrant water, add some water to cook, and then roll into the black fish fillet.

  6. Continue to boil without cover, season with white sugar,

  7. Add a little boil for a while, turn off the fire and sesame and a little parsley to enjoy!

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