Recipe: Fragrant and pleasing brown sugar coconut oatmeal cookies

Home Cooking Recipe: Fragrant and pleasing brown sugar coconut oatmeal cookies


The family likes to eat. Friends also like it! Q: What do you want to eat? A: Oatmeal cookies! So many people who are deeply rooted in the biscuits are not doing it! And!!!! The material is simple and easy to use. Lazy's favorite. The savior of the handicapped party. The friends of the foodies. I can't express my words in words. I have a deep love for it. The photo is not ordinary ugly... I don't want to give up....



  1. Mix all the dry materials evenly and low-soda soda. It’s better to take a look at the mood. It’s best to get brown sugar and crush it with a rolling pin. There is no problem with a little cake. Because there will be a burst when roasting~

  2. Add oil and add honey to mix well. Stir while stirring. I think this is easier and evener. At this time, if you add corn oil directly and then add honey, mix it evenly. If you use butter, melt it into a liquid and then add it to the same step with honey. Stir well.

  3. Weigh 15g into a round shape and press it into a round shape with the palm of your hand. This will look good when grilled. Don't be too hard, don't crush it.

  4. 170 degrees preheating. Fire up and down 170 degrees 13-15 minutes. Remember not to burn it! If the time is 10g, the time is shortened if it is 20g.


The taste of corn oil and butter is almost the same. Butter is more fragrant. In contrast, corn oil is a lot dull. Adding butter will be more dry. Add corn oil is relatively moist. The latter is better plastic. This is the taste I have eaten. for reference only.

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