Recipe: Four round stewed three yellow chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Four round stewed three yellow chicken soup



  1. After the three yellow chickens are washed by the internal organs, they go to the tail scorpion, and part of the fat and fat parts. Put the water in the pot, add ginger and cooking wine, boil the water into the chicken pieces, boil the water, then remove the warm water and wash it.

  2. Quail eggs cooked with a little salt, peeled off the shell for use; red dates (make you), wash and spare (the longan is fresh, no need to soak)

  3. Enlarge the three yellow chicken nuggets in the steaming bowl, add appropriate amount of water, add 2 quail eggs, red dates, steamed in a steamer for 3 hours, and then add the longan and glutinous rice in the first half of the pot. Transfer to the right amount before boarding

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