Recipe: Four hi-baked bran

Home Cooking Recipe: Four hi-baked bran


Four-baked bran, roasted bran with four ingredients is that there is no daylily and peanuts in the home, with ready-made mushrooms, fungus, bamboo shoots, and cockroaches are also a mixture of four.  Baked bran, the dry gluten of the eight classics, I do not know why some people mistakenly believe that it is soy products. Baked bran canned food is common, canned things, more than ten kinds of additives in a can, can not eat without eating ~



  1. The raw materials are fully foamed with cold water

  2. The shredded mushrooms are shredded and the fungus is washed. Sliced ​​bamboo shoots Baked bran is repeatedly washed with water by hand to remove odor, and then cut into pieces of about 2 cm.

  3. Boil the boiled water in the pan, put the chopped bran into the boil for about 5 minutes, remove and drain the water.

  4. Heat the oil in a pot, stir in the bran, stir fry until slightly yellow, and remove for use.

  5. Put the pot back, put a little oil, cut into the cut shiitake mushrooms, fungus blocks, bamboo shoots, stir-fried scallions, stir-fried bran, add salt, sugar, soy sauce, soy sauce (I add A little vinegar to remove greasy) add a little water, stir fry until the roast is sticky, until the juice is thick, you can turn off the pot

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