Recipe: Floss pine lotus cheese moon cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Floss pine lotus cheese moon cake


After the first attempt to make fresh meat moon cakes, I began to smash it again, combining the delicious French cheese moon cakes with the Soviet-style moon cakes, and I made a meat pine lotus cheese moon cake. Most of the lotus seed cakes sold in the market are actually potato starch, so if you want to taste and taste good, you must make your own lotus seed. This moon cake is softer than the meringue moon cake, and the outer skin can not be taken hard, otherwise it will be broken, but the taste is very good. This method can do about 8 or so.



  1. [Water oil skin] flour + butter + cooking oil + water, simmer until the degree of soft and tough film can be pulled out, when it is beaten to increase toughness, put it aside for 30 minutes.

  2. [Butter cheese pastry] 1: butter softens at room temperature + sugar, until the color becomes light and viscous and smooth, and then add egg yolk liquid a small amount (every time egg yolk and butter are fully blended and then added again) Until all are added, add whipped cream until fully blended. 2: New Zealand cheese and lemon juice insulated water to stir into a paste, add egg yolk, stir well and put it in the refrigerator. 3: Mix 1 and 2 together, add flour, almond powder, and vanilla powder, mix well, and cover with plastic wrap.

  3. [Outer skin cake body] 8 pieces of water oil skin cut, knead into a slightly thick skin, butter cheese noodles are also divided into 8 parts. Wrap a piece of butter in a water-oil skin and wrap it into a ball shape, then squash it into a beef tongue, roll it up, and crush it. Do the same for the remaining seven. Place a plastic wrap on the side to prevent moisture from evaporating and drying.

  4. 【Fried pork root lotus root stuffing】 1 lotus seed soaked in cold water for one night in advance, lotus seed and water 1:1 ratio boiled to soft rotten, then use a spoon to crush the lotus seeds into lotus seed (like the delicate taste can be beaten into a mud with a blender) . 2 After the wok is hot, pour it directly into the lotus seed. Slowly heat the water in the lotus root. After the water is dried, add the fluffy and butter, stir slowly over low heat (add a little bit each time, wait until it is completely absorbed, add it again, add three or four times), add sugar and salt, continue to small The fire keeps frying, and the water in the lotus root is completely evaporated, and the lotus seed becomes shiny.

  5. [Make a moon cake, bake] Use the leather bag that you made before to fill the appropriate amount of stuffing, slowly close the mouth, flatten it down, and put it into the baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, double fire up and down, middle layer, bake for 15 minutes to both sides of the oily golden yellow, the side is crisp, light yellow.

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