Recipe: Flat-tip asparagus duck soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Flat-tip asparagus duck soup



  1. Flat sharp bubble for a long time

  2. Put the ginger in cold water, put in the washed half of the duck, turn off the fire three to five minutes after boiling.

  3. Refill a pot of hot water, put the ducks that have passed through the water, and a flat tip, a knotted onion, ginger, two tablespoons of cooking wine

  4. After the fire is boiled, turn off the small fire and stew for two hours.

  5. White asparagus peeled, duck soup opened fire, water is rolled into white asparagus, seasoned with salt, turn off the fire, open to eat!


The duck in the cast iron pot is very soft and rotten. The fresh white asparagus is very tender and has a unique fragrance.

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