Recipe: Flammulina velutipes

Home Cooking Recipe: Flammulina velutipes


A simple and fast soup, the taste of the tomato is very good with the fat cow, and the sour is very appetizing.



  1. The fat beef slices bought by the supermarket are first removed with boiling water, washed away with floating foam, and the tomatoes are cut into pieces.

  2. Stir fry a little oil, first sauté the ginger, then fry the tomatoes, stir fry until the juice becomes soft.

  3. Add some water and boil it, then cook the mushroom and the beef tenderloin, add salt and chicken seasoning. Eat it!


1. When the fat cow is drowning, it can be slightly burned. Do not cook for too long to avoid the taste being too old; 2, two tomatoes are my customary amount, like the thick tomato flavor in the soup, do not like to eat sour can only put one; 3, it is also considered that the soup is not strong enough, or the tomato is not sour, you can add some tomato sauce to try ~

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