Recipe: Flammulina pork soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Flammulina pork soup


Soup, is my favorite, every meal must drink, drink before meals can lose weight. Making soup is also very casual. It is also easy to take the material. Feel free to take it.



  1. The enoki mushroom is washed to the roots and the chicken feathers are washed. Pork slices.

  2. The pork is mixed with the meat pieces and placed in a bowl to release the wine and soy sauce. Salt, water starch. Mix well, then drain and mix.

  3. Put the water in the pot and open the pork inner slices, the enoki mushroom, the thick soup, cook for 3 minutes, and finally put the chicken. Salt, MSG, out of the pot.


Pork should be cut thin. Grasp the heat. Pork is not old.

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