Recipe: Five-minute microwave red jujube rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Five-minute microwave red jujube rice cake


Originally, in order to eliminate the red dates that are expiring soon, just try it. It’s really delicious to do it, and the sweetness can’t stop. Although the selling is not good enough, the taste is really good. It's also convenient to do it quickly, and it will take five minutes to add up. Chinese afternoon tea is eaten~ The box used by Fangzi is the smallest rectangular plastic box with the smallest buckle. It is also the amount of one person.



  1. Take the right amount of glutinous rice flour

  2. Red dates are cut into small fast, milk microwave oven turns into warm

  3. Pour warm milk and a spoonful of oil into the glutinous rice flour and mix well. The proportion of milk can actually be adjusted by itself, thicker and more chewy. Oil can also be added, but the taste is better, and the mold release is convenient.)

  4. Put in red dates cut into small pieces

  5. Put it directly into the microwave and turn it for about 2 minutes. My microwave oven is not very powerful, so I need to adjust it according to the personality of my microwave oven, as long as the molding solidifies. Heat up the buckle and take the rice cake thick. (White, tender and smooth)

  6. After a little cool, start. If the viscosity is not good enough, there is a way to simply stir the rice cake in the bowl and put it on the plastic wrap to reshape it. If it is sticky, sprinkle a little cooked glutinous rice flour. Put it in the refrigerator for a while, it is more convenient to take out the cut pieces~


The principle is very simple, you can enjoy it at home and you can eat it simple and delicious. The hot rice cake is really happy~1. The vegetable oil is the corn oil that usually cooks. The oil is 2. The red date is the dried red date~ Green jujube Ang 3. cooked glutinous rice flour, is to put the glutinous rice flour in the pot (not put oil) stir fry. 4. Put a layer of oil inside the mold is said to be better off. 5. How to shape it is really a problem. . Because it is more sticky, if you want to cut it, you need to take out the rice cake, sift on the appropriate amount of cooked glutinous rice flour (anti-stick), wait until it is cooled, then shape it (you can also wrap it in plastic wrap) and put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. The block is fine.

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