Recipe: Fishball

Home Cooking Recipe: Fishball


Delicate and smooth



  1. The fish is shaved, and the fish on the fillets are slowly scraped off with a knife, and the fish bones and fish skins are processed by themselves.

  2. It takes about an hour to scrape the fish with a knife.

  3. Put the scraped fish into a relatively deep container (such as the inner pot of rice cooker), add cooking wine, salt, pepper, chicken, stir the fish in one direction, stir it and put some water, until the fish is strong. Stir in the water, repeat this, after about 10 times, put about 700 ml of water until the fish can float in the water. Then add chopped green onion and mix well.

  4. Finally, put cold water in the pot, open a small fire, squeeze the fish into the spoon by hand, put it into the pot, and finally wait for the water to open, turn the fish round and cook it.


The fish ball is easy to be old. Do not cover the lid when cooking. Observe that there is no float to turn off the fire. When stirring, be sure to wait for the strength to add water. The water should be added slowly.

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