Recipe: Fish roe tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Fish roe tofu


Lao Xiao later concluded that the dish was really delicious, but he did not eat a few mouthfuls, because he had no good intentions to open the gang. I am dizzy, why do you want to face it?



  1. A bowl of salmon roe. Saying that the fish market in the downstairs of my house is ten yuan a pound, I don’t want to buy it every day. I was embarrassed to ask at the end. I went home and said that I wanted to eat fish seeds, but I could not bear the money. Maybe God heard my desire for fish roe. Yesterday Weidong sister sent me a big bag of fish roe. It was taken out from a stomach of 20 kilograms of squid. I want to be awkward, I am so happy. . About a third of the fish roe was used this time, and the rest can be cooked several times.

  2. Soy rot, cut into small pieces, put the frying pan on both sides

  3. Tofu can be fried slightly, don't fry into tofu, so the tofu inside is not tender.

  4. Add oil to the pan, heat it, stir-fry the onion and ginger, then stir fry the fish.

  5. Add the chili sauce and stir well, then add the soup to boil.

  6. Under the fried tofu, a little stew for a while to sprinkle with parsley can be served

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