Recipe: Fish-flavored pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Fish-flavored pork


The most difficult Sichuan food - the proportion of fish, meat, salt, vinegar, red pepper, is very difficult to use in a ratio to the smell of fish. Today I am very delicious. Confidence increased:)



  1. Fungus with warm water, shredded, magnolia, ginger shredded, pork lean shredded, onion cut green onion, ginger garlic red pepper into the end

  2. The pork is slightly marinated with a pinch of salt and wet starch (the starch is marinated and the meat is tender). Wet starch, salt, sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, broth are mixed into a sauce.

  3. Heat the pan, oil, pour in the pork

  4. Add red pepper, minced garlic, ginger and saute

  5. Adding fungus and magnolia to stir fry

  6. Pour in the simmered sauce and chopped green onion (this step can taste the taste and add sugar or vinegar)


Fish is the most difficult taste of Sichuan cuisine, it is very difficult to handle. Like a complete song, it’s strange to have one less section and one less section. The only way is to try more And the choice of red pepper is very important, and the fish is dependent on it. I am using Sichuan local peppers soaked in the house. You can go to Taobao in the field. Pharmacology: Magnolia tablets are sweet and flat, and can be set to eliminate asthma. Fungus, Qi, Runfei, Buzhong, light body, cool blood, stop bleeding, sputum, blood circulation, strong ambition, nourishment Fresh fungus has toxins that should not be eaten as much as possible. The roots of the water-eared fungus should also be removed.

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