Recipe: Fengzhisheng fried pea sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Fengzhisheng fried pea sprouts


The fragrance is not greasy and the taste is crisp and tender. Pea seedlings are the tender stems and young leaves of peas. They are soft in texture and contain a lot of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Among them, vitamin B also has the effect of young and smooth skin.



  1. Remove the old roots of the pea seedlings, wash them with water, and control the moisture.

  2. Put a little chicken oil in the pot, use the fire to burn to 50 or 60%, use garlic to simmer the pan, pour the pea seedlings and stir fry quickly, cook the cooking wine, add salt, chicken powder, stir-fry until the pea seedlings are broken. Serve


It has the function of smoothing the skin and removing excess oil from the skin after eating. It is suitable for young women with oily skin. Although the pea seedlings are more expensive to sell, they are more expensive than the "Essay Lancome" moisturizing lotion...

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