Recipe: Fast food under the dish ~ mustard pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Fast food under the dish ~ mustard pork


Our family tastes sweet. So this dish is a sweet drop. If you don't like sweet, you can put less sugar or not. 84 pounds, I have this dish to eat three bowls of rice, you believe it! The mustard I used is the Wujiang brand. This is more brittle. If there is a more crisp brand to promote it! I hope you will like it! !



  1. Wash the mustard and remove the original taste. This taste is heavy, but don't make it long, it will be soft, I will wash it six times.

  2. The garlic is chopped and chopped, the onion is cut in the middle section, the meat is cut into silk, the finer the better.

  3. The oil burns open garlic, puts the pork, and pickles. Release the soy and sugar, soy sauce, then add other spices, copy the longer the more fragrant, this time you can try, which is less

  4. Finally, put the onion, and if it is copied a few times, it will turn off.


1: mustard can not be soaked for a long time, otherwise it will not be crisp 2: If you don't like to eat sweet, put less sugar or not (I will put the polysaccharide ( ̄『 ̄)) 3: The meat was originally yan (I can't beat this word), and I used raw powder to add oil to the chicken. If I didn't have yan, it wouldn't matter.

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