Recipe: Farmhouse fried meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Farmhouse fried meat


The farmer's small fried meat is generally selected from the finer meat of the meat. It is best to use the "striped" pork belly. Stir-fried with green pepper and soybean meal. Add the savory oil residue in the middle. Chili is best to use thin, spicy peppers; spicy people can also add dried peppers or chili peppers according to personal preference. The delicious small fried meat is tender and has the oily flavor of green pepper, lean meat and cardamom but it is not greasy. Do a good job of this dish, the first ingredients, the second heat, highlighting the hot and sour, fresh, soft taste, is the most common home cooking dishes.



  1. Pork belly washed and sliced

  2. Wash the shredded green and red peppers; the celery is washed and cut into pieces; the onions, ginger, garlic and garlic are cut to the appropriate size.

  3. Do not put oil in the pot, put the sliced ​​pork belly into the stir-fry until the surface of the sliced ​​meat is slightly browned (the oil from the fat of the pork belly itself can be fried to the brownish noodles without additional oil)

  4. Put a small amount of oil in the pot and sauté the pepper, the star anise, and remove the scent. Then add the onion, ginger, garlic and dried chili to burst the scent, then add the soy sauce, the bean paste, and the Laoganma spicy sauce. fragrance

  5. Put the pieces of meat, green, red pepper and celery in turn and stir fry until the taste is finished. Finally, add the garlic and sauté and stir fry slightly. (Yellow bean paste and soybean paste have salty taste. If you want to add salt, you must add it as appropriate)

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