Recipe: Explosive head rice ball Jun (Flesom rice ball)

Home Cooking Recipe: Explosive head rice ball Jun (Flesom rice ball)


After the scorpion corn prince, another teasing than the selling of cute works ~ ~ focus on the shape, rice balls can be different, black rice walnut brown rice ~ more sprouting rice balls can see the recipes: https://



  1. Cook the rice and season with salt. Use a plastic wrap to pinch the rice ball, put half a rice, stuff it, add rice, and knead it into a triangle. Or use a mold to press the rice ball, it is also very convenient ~

  2. First, add the meat to the rice ball as a hair. You can apply some salad dressing to stick to the fluffy pine, and design your own hair~~

  3. Use two sesame seeds or other black beans to make your eyes, corn kernels as the nose, and two ketchups as the plateau red _(:з'∠)_

  4. Wow, you can eat it~


How do you want to sprout, how come you, the head, you deserve to have ~

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