Recipe: Exclusive 熘 liver tip (easy to operate with oil)

Home Cooking Recipe: Exclusive 熘 liver tip (easy to operate with oil)


The liver tip should be a kind of Lu cuisine, which is widely spread in the northeastern part of Northeast China. Although the pig's liver cholesterol level is high, it is not suitable for eating more, but occasionally enjoy it without hurting. The traditional practice in the hotel is that the liver must be oiled after sizing. This method is costly for ordinary people. Second, the oil temperature is not easy to grasp. The requirements for three pairs of sizing are very high. . Fortunately, I have a clever mommy who is good at summing up and discovering that the problem of hot water scalding after sizing is solved. It is fuel-efficient and has no oil smoke. It is almost 100% successful. This method is suitable for many ingredients, so share it as a recipe. Dear chefs.



  1. Pig liver slice: The pig liver is very soft and slippery. In addition to the knife-knife, the average person can't cut it at all. Now the lazy way is to freeze for a few hours, then cut it after shaping. The thickness of 3 mm is appropriate, and the size is as thin as possible.

  2. Liver tipping water: In order to get visceral odor, it is also an exclusive practice. The liver tip rinses several times to the blood, soak the water for ten minutes, add a little vinegar, white wine, pepper, ginger to the water.

  3. Sizing: Add a little salt, white pepper, white wine or rice wine after the liver tip is taken out of the water control. You can also add a little soy sauce. After grasping the starch, continue to hold the starch and let it stand for ten minutes. This step is for the bottom taste, sizing is to lock the liver tip moisture, if you do not sizing directly, the liver tip will lose water and tighten, eat hard and dry.

  4. Matching the knife with a knife: Matching the image of the diamond eye or the triangle, try to make the main ingredient shape uniform and uniform. It can be done when the liver tip is soaked in water, and ginger and garlic are also sliced.

  5. Liver tip water-skiing: boil a pot of boiling water, turn the water to the minimum fire, disperse the liver tip, do not stir, the liver tip will slowly become shallow, after setting, gently remove the water control. Remember not to be too big, it will de-slurry, and the whole process must be gentle.

  6. For bowl of juice: a little salt, more sugar than salt, a few drops of vinegar, a little soy sauce, according to personal taste can also be soy sauce, soy sauce, taste very fresh, oyster sauce, a little starch, a little water and stir. The tip of the liver has entered the bottom taste, so it is necessary to avoid too salty here, because the starch is less than the sizing, that is, it is thin.

  7. Return to the pot: hot pot cold oil is put into an large material, a few pieces of ginger are fried and the scent is picked out. Put the garlic slices into yellow and scent, stir the stir-fry under the side dish, put the liver tip after the break, stir fry a little white wine, stir the bowl of juice, pour in, stir the wok and stir the ingredients to turn off the fire. This process is very fast, and the liver can be aged for a long time. There will be oil in the hotel, the home will be omitted, but the dishes will be bright and bright, there is no juice in the dish, and the soup is dripping.


This water-skiing method is also applicable to mutton, beef, pork, fish fillets, chicken, and waist flowers. The steps are written a lot. It is necessary to make the key tips clear. In fact, it is not complicated to do. Dear, take action!

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