Recipe: Especially good little cookies

Home Cooking Recipe: Especially good little cookies


This recipe is the thank you teacher in the blog of Fei Xue teacher. The party is especially good. Because it is so crowded, the temperature must be higher. It will not be shaped immediately. The flower mouth that I use is the three-none sn7092. It feels quite easy. ●°u°●)



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In fact, the softening of butter is very important. Sometimes the winter cookies are difficult to soften. You can put them in the refrigerator for one night. The next day is also very convenient. The temperature is still based on the temperature of the oven. The first test must be optimistic. If you are cold, you can return it to the oven and then bake it. Then don't bake it. Oh, the choice of butter is also very important. The first time I used Anjia, it was very good. It’s cheap to use the president’s death for the second time. I guess it’s a fake. So the choice of butter is also very important.

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