Recipe: Emei tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Emei tofu


Salty spicy sesame crispy and tender, I thought it was describing Mapo tofu, and it was also a modified version of Mapo tofu.



  1. Cut the tofu, cut the small horn of the outer ridge of the cow, cut the onion ginger and garlic, and serve

  2. Boil the boiled water, add the appropriate amount of salt, simmer the tofu for 2 minutes, pour into a container and continue to soak the tofu with salt water.

  3. Pour the right amount of oil into the pot (not too much), stir the beef into the beef, and add the yoghurt bean paste, pickled pepper, cardamom, and stir-fry the red oil.

  4. Add the onion, ginger and minced garlic in the wok, stir fry, add a little water, the amount of soy sauce, sugar, and the tofu extracted from the water, the thin hook for the first time, the small fire cover cover cook 3-5 Minutes, then hook the second time, out of the pot

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