Recipe: Electric pancakes, roasted chestnuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Electric pancakes, roasted chestnuts


This year's prices soared ~~~ Sugar-fried chestnuts, 10 yuan a pound in 2009, 12 yuan a pound in 10 years, this year has reached 15 yuan a pound, this is still a small and medium-sized city, the comrades in the big cities still Can you eat your mouth? ? During this time, because I frantically studied the recipe of this electric baking pan, I saw 6.8 yuan/kg in the supermarket yesterday. Compared with the cooked chestnuts of 15 yuan/kg, I would rather buy some home to try it. . Oh, maybe it will be successful? (I have seen such a big deal? 嘻嘻... :))  The result proves that the great mother is omnipotent~~~~嘻嘻 is successful, look at the picture and you will know. Sweet chestnuts, save money and delicious, why not?



  1. Wash the chestnuts first, drain them, and dry them one by one with cloth.

  2. Put the raw chestnuts on the cross with a knife. (My knife is not very sharp, I am basically one by one carefully sawing, ⊙_⊙b Khan)

  3. Put honey and sugar into a little bit of warm water and soak the open chestnuts. I think it would be sweeter?

  4. Then there is a thin layer of oil on the baking pan, then the chestnuts are removed from the honey sauce and placed on top to bake. (You will find the chestnuts one by one to smile:)

  5. After the first time the honey juice is basically dried, then sprinkle some honey juice, and repeat it until the chestnuts are cooked (I am clinging to all the honey juice, 嘻嘻)


My honey juice is too strong, and the result is that the roasted chestnuts are very sweet. The son is more funny, first put each chestnut in his mouth and rub it again, then take it out and peel it and eat it. Sweaty

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