Recipe: Ejiao stewed black chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Ejiao stewed black chicken



  1. Prepare the materials, Ejiao I use Shandong Ejiao, this piece I knocked at home for a long time before breaking, when you buy at the pharmacy, you can ask the store to help you cut it first, you don’t have to go home.

  2. The black-bone chicken is washed clean and the water is removed. If it is too fat, you can remove the skin properly. The stewed soup will not be too greasy.

  3. The black-bone chicken is rinsed again with cold water and placed in the stew.

  4. Wash other ingredients, add them, add water

  5. Cover the lid, add cold water to the squid, put the stew in it, and put the lid on the water as long as it is halfway to the stew.

  6. After the high-fire water is opened, the gelatin is also put in, and it continues to stew for two hours.

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