Recipe: Eggs in the basket

Home Cooking Recipe: Eggs in the basket


The egg in the basket. Egg in the Basket. That is the V-Vendetta, V is the kind that Natalie Portman eats. The steps are very simple, that is, the test is more than a test



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: a piece of toast, dig a hole in a large cup

    a piece of toast, dig a hole in a large cup

  2. Put the olive oil in the pot, blaze. Put the bread in the heat and put the eggs in the middle.

  3. The bottom of a little egg is white, turn to low heat, fry for 2 minutes, remove


1. To what extent the small fire omelette is taken out, see your preference, the surface of the egg can flow slightly. 2. After the removal, the seasoning is also based on my preference. I added a little soy sauce, black pepper and salt, and Chinese flavor. You can also add a little salad dressing, mayonnaise, cheese, butter and the like.

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