Recipe: Eggplant noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Eggplant noodles


Kneading noodles is a very common pasta. This kind of pasta has a magical power that makes people feel good. The ingredients used in this kneading dough introduced today are eggplant + meat slices, which also makes people want to stop the effect~ and the production is super simple, it is the dish. A classic example of a meat staple food~ A meal on a pot of a family is solved~



  1. Cut with ~1. Eggplant cut into strips, long or round eggplant can be, try not to peel, peeled easily broken, washed and cut into strips 1cm square 2. Pork slices, or directly with minced meat, meat without pickling 3. Shallots cut into pieces 4. Garlic chopped ends (Note: Personally think that the delicious simmered garlic is the key, and the time of adding minced garlic is a good focus)

  2. Face selection ~ machine cuts on the market can be used, choose a fine variety, thick 焖 will be hard, bad taste. Try to choose noodles with less dry powder on the surface of the noodles. Otherwise, stick to the sticky noodles. If there are more powder on the surface of the noodles, please shake off the excess dry powder by hand~

  3. 焖面~1. The so-called 焖, you must add a lid, so choose a pot with a lid, I use a pan, the bottom of the pot is relatively easy to spread the noodles, and easy to mature and mix evenly ~ 2. Heat, add salad oil, stir-fry the meat, fry the color and add the eggplant and stir fry until the eggplant is slightly softened. Cook the wine and soy sauce, add the water, the water should not have the eggplant and all the ingredients~ boil and then season, + salt A little bit of sugar and oyster sauce and a few drops of vinegar, try not to be too salty. Please add noodles at this time, tear the noodles shortly and spread them on the soup, spread them and turn them over.焖 焖 2-3 minutes, then open the lid to observe the remaining amount of soup, such as soup, there are many, please open the lid and cook a soup will volatilize, such as soup and a pot bottom, add onion and Garlic, cover the lid for another 30 seconds, then open the lid and use chopsticks and shovel to mix the remaining soup and raw materials and noodles.


1. Pay attention to the purchase of noodles. 2. The amount of water in the noodles should be no raw material. 3. Finally, add the minced garlic to the taste before the pan. 4. The same applies to the "green bean noodles", "lentil noodles", etc.

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