Recipe: Egg white soup with lotus root starch

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg white soup with lotus root starch


It is used to stop bleeding. It has a lot of tannic acid and has a contraction of blood vessels. It can also cool blood and stagnate blood. Chinese medicine believes that it stops bleeding without leaving sputum. It is a therapeutic food for heat sickness.  Wine is a flavored food made from glutinous rice. It is loved by people. It has high calorie production and is rich in carbohydrates, protein, B vitamins, minerals, etc. These are indispensable nutrients for the human body. . B vitamins have the effect of promoting milk secretion. The sputum contains a small amount of alcohol, which promotes blood circulation and helps digestion and appetite.



  1. Put about two bowls of water in the pot and boil

  2. Egg break up

  3. Mix the meal with warm water and mix thoroughly

  4. After the water in the pot is boiled, turn to a small fire and pour a spoonful of eggs into the pot with a spoon.

  5. After the eggs are all poured, cook until boiled.

  6. Pour into the fine powder

  7. Stir while cooking

  8. Boil until boiling and add two spoons of wine


1, the powder must be mixed with warm water and then pan 2. You can also pour the eggs while turning the circle, but you can get the flocculent plumeria with a spoon to see your personal preferences.

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