Recipe: Egg, tomato, tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg, tomato, tofu


Eggs, tomatoes, eggs, this dish is suitable for babies and the elderly to eat, sick and appetite is not good to eat this dish is also a good choice, summer, the weather is hot, baby does not eat very much, every day to name this dish



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Tomatoes peeled diced, eggs break up

    Tomatoes peeled diced, eggs break up

  2. Heat the pan, add less oil to the pan, stir fry in the egg, add the tender tofu, crush with a shovel, add half a bowl of water, cook for two minutes.

  3. Into the tomato diced, fry until the tomatoes become soft, add soy sauce, sugar, a little salt

  4. Then put the water starch and push the tofu with a spatula. When the soup is thick, add the chopped green onion.

  5. Go out and enjoy the delicious tomato tofu 羹

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