Recipe: Egg roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg roll


The egg roll should be the most frequent Korean home cooking in the Korean variety show. In order to reflect the deep love of Korean variety, I decided to do it myself.



  1. Carrots are washed, peeled, cut into small Ding, green onions are cut into green onions, and ham is cut into small pieces;

  2. The eggs are broken up, the cut ingredients are put into the beaten egg liquid, a little salt is added, and the mixture is evenly beaten;

  3. Heat the pan with a proper amount of oil and pour the egg into the pan to form a quiche;

  4. When the quiche is basically formed, it is rolled up from the edge and rolled into an egg roll;

  5. Slowly heat the small egg until the egg roll is golden and ripe;

  6. Take out the egg roll and cut into sections and serve.


1. The egg cake should be thinner and easier to roll into an egg roll. 2. The material placed in the egg roll can be selected according to your preference, but the amount should not be too much, and it must be cut very small, otherwise it will affect Molding of egg rolls.

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