Recipe: Egg fried rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg fried rice cake


I miss the egg fried rice cake in a canteen of the university. It’s made by memory, but I always feel that the taste is still a little bit worse...



  1. Onions are used for shabu-shabu, just a little. One or two pieces of cabbage are cut into filaments

  2. The rice cake is smashed into pieces. → After the water is opened, stir fry until soft. → Cool water over → Remove.

  3. Two eggs are broken

  4. Pour a little oil after the pot is hot → Pour the egg liquid → Stir fry → Sow out

  5. A little oil → oily heat → chopped green onion (a little) → white cabbage stir fry → put soy sauce (the amount depends on the amount of rice cake) → rice cake stir fry → egg chop → salt, chicken a little → stir fry a few times pot


1. It is best not to put more cabbage 2. The amount of salt can depend on the amount of soy sauce. If the saltiness is enough, don’t put any more salt. 3. Chicken essence / MSG can not put 4. According to personal preferences, you can add other condiments: Laoganma, etc.

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