Recipe: Egg filling cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg filling cake


The egg filling cake, the lettuce leaf, the sweet noodle sauce or the Korean hot sauce are also delicious. Some places also put some mustard and so on. You can also add some ham and add some ham to your taste. Your own imagination is just fine. It can be wrapped in a nice napkin and tied with hemp rope. When you eat it, untie the hemp rope. If you wrap the cake with a napkin, it will not be oily. You can wipe the mouth with a napkin after eating. It is especially convenient. The most important thing is that such egg filling cakes are also very pleasant to people who eat.



  1. Boil the flour with hot water, then slowly add cold water and a softer dough, let stand for half an hour.

  2. Mask a little oil to prevent sticking, and knead the dough into oval large pieces.

  3. Apply a little oil and salt to the dough and roll up the dough

  4. Cut into small pieces

  5. Flatten the dough laterally, reunion

  6. Pizza

  7. Put a proper amount of oil in the pan and fry the pie until both sides are golden and ripe.

  8. Eggs with chopped green onion and salt mixed evenly

  9. Use chopsticks to open a small mouth at the edge of the cake, and cut the layer inside the cake, and pour the egg liquid into the cake.

  10. Cover the lid and fry on each side for one minute until the egg liquid is solidified. The baked egg filling cake can see the yellow egg liquid and the green chopped green onion through the thin crust, but the egg liquid will not overflow.


Roadside snacks are delicious, but the health status is worrying, and many people around them have this consensus. Then if you want to eat roadside snacks without worrying about health issues, the best way is to do it yourself. But the simpler things are, the harder it is to do. I think that a big meal is a good imitation and it is easy to make it delicious. And such a simple egg filling cake, it is not so easy to do well. The hardness of the dough, the size of the fire, every detail can not be ignored. So I always wanted to make my own egg filling cake and roadside stalls as delicious, this is my goal. In fact, it is not difficult. As long as the method is mastered, the materials used are much better than the materials used outside. How can it be bad? I have finally made an egg filling cake that is better than a roadside stall! The dough for making the cake should be softer. If you feel sticky, you can add a little less water. As much as possible and soft, like the dough in the picture, it is a bit sticky (nian), but if it is good, it will not stick (zhan) hand, Guan Jian is a face-to-face approach; The method of making this cake is similar to the scallion cake. Unlike the scallion cake, except for the chopped green onion (you can also add chopped green onion, because the egg liquid is added, you don't need to add it). The most important difference is that the scallion cake is rolled up. The back plate is flattened in one turn, and after the egg filling cake is rolled up, the dough is flattened laterally so that the eggs can be layered. Different from the noodle cake, I think it is better to put a little bit of oil on this hot cake, of course, according to personal taste.

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