Recipe: Egg duck blood tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg duck blood tofu



  1. Wash the duck serum water first and cut it into square blocks.

  2. Tofu is also cut into square pieces, which are placed in boiling water, and the water is controlled.

  3. Set the soup pot on the fire and pour the broth into the soup.

  4. Put duck blood clots, tofu blocks, cook until the tofu floats

  5. Another pot, spread a piece of egg skin, shredded. If the stall is not good, directly into the egg liquid directly into the soup can also

  6. Seasoning with fine salt in the soup

  7. When the soup is opened again, sprinkle with egg silk or egg liquid. Put the pot into the soup bowl.


Tofu has rich protein content, and tofu protein is a complete protein. It not only contains eight essential amino acids, but also has a high proportion of nutrients. It has the effect of lowering blood lipids, protecting blood vessels and preventing cardiovascular diseases. In addition, tofu is also very good for nursed back to health and delicate skin. Recipe considerations Tofu should not be cooked with spinach and shallot, which will produce calcium oxalate which is easy to form stones. When eating with spinach, spinach can be drowned in advance to remove most of the oxalic acid; Tofu is forbidden to honey, white, bamboo shoots, and pig liver. Health tips Beautiful color and rich nutrition. Iron supplementation and blood. Especially suitable for children to supplement iron, women beauty.

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