Recipe: Egg cup salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Egg cup salad


This is a very simple, but especially hand-made salad, suitable for the guests when they are served on the table, one person, really special X. Having said that, the taste is really good. Use tuna, onions, a little egg yolk, and mix the salad into the boiled egg cup. Put it in your mouth and make sure that you can’t say it. words. . . The key to this dish is that the eggs should be kept in a cold water pot. After the water is opened, it is cooked for 5 minutes on medium heat. Don't be long or short, in order to have the "just good" taste.



  1. Eggs in cold water, no water on the surface. In the middle of the fire, after boiling, cook for another 5 minutes, turn off the fire. Remove too cold water.

  2. After peeling the boiled egg, cut it in half, and take out the egg yolk and crush it for use.

  3. Chopped onion, mix well with canned tuna, egg yolk (slightly left for a little decoration), salad dressing, salt, and black pepper.

  4. By slightly cutting off the bottom of the previously cut egg cup, you can keep the egg cup standing.

  5. Fill the egg in the egg cup and decorate it with broccoli and egg yolk.


When boiled eggs, keep stirring, you can make the cooked egg yolks cooked and not hard.

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