Recipe: Eel rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Eel rice



  1. This time I used the ready-to-eat grilled squid (which is sold in the freezer in the supermarket). If you can't buy it or don't want to use this grilled squid, I will say in the note. Say the practice of using this common fish fillet to make this kind of fragrant rice. When I eat squid rice, I especially like how much sauce is used to get the rice. However, if you buy the frozen squid, if you follow the instructions, there is not so much juice. At this time, you can mix some of it yourself. Juice water, after cooking, it is delicious on rice.--The four materials of water, soy sauce, brown sugar and cooking wine are brought out in a bowl of juice according to the volume ratio of 8:2:1:1.

  2. Pour the prepared juice into the pot and put the ready-to-cook grilled squid

  3. Cover the medium fire for 2-3 minutes, cook until the juice starts to bubble (bubble because of the sugar), turn off the fire. This picture is not clear, you should still see the juice bubble.

  4. On the freshly cooked rice, pour some juice, then sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds and seaweed, if not, don't sprinkle, I like Sato, but I can't see clearly when taking photos. So there is not so much

  5. It’s good to put the fish in the top.


1. If you can't buy or don't want to use frozen grilled squid, you can also try to use ordinary fish fillets to do similar. Of course, you can't call squid rice without squid. Ha: The fish fillets bought by the supermarket are washed ( Or you can take a whole slice of fish fillets yourself, dry the water, take a thin layer of starch on both sides, hot oil in the pan, fry the fish on both sides, then pour the sauce into the pan. Juice, boil over medium heat, cook until the fillets are cooked, and the sauce will be a bubble. I have tried this method myself. Although the fish fillet looks so beautiful without the grilled squid, it doesn't look good enough, but it is also delicious. Moreover, what is done in your own home, what is inside, there are counts in your heart, don't worry about any harmful chemicals. 2, if you are willing, of course, you can also add something like egg-skinned greens and silk, such as authentic and not authentic, as long as you like it.

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