Recipe: Dutch bean scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: Dutch bean scrambled eggs


From the perspective of the cookpad, I never thought that the Dutch bean can be matched with the egg. It is simple and quick, and it is sweeter.



  1. The Dutch beans are washed, the head and tail are smashed, the stems are removed, boiled for 1 minute, and the cold water is removed. Adjust the cooking time according to your preferred hardness.

  2. Put sesame oil in the pot, or it can be salad oil, stir-fry oil, sesame oil will be a little fragrant. Stir-fried peas, followed by wine, miso, and sugar. Stir well and add soy sauce.

  3. The eggs are broken up, poured into the pot, and the semi-ripe state and the peas are mixed.


I didn't put sugar when I cooked this dish myself. The sweetness of the miso and the thin mouth was enough. . . Try the taste while burning, too sweet or good.

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