Recipe: Dutch bean mixed with mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Dutch bean mixed with mushroom



  1. The Dutch bean head goes to the end and is washed and shredded.

  2. The mushroom is removed from the root, washed and cut.

  3. Small red peppers are chopped.

  4. Boil the pot, add a little salt, and drip a few drops of oil.

  5. After the water is opened, the peas and red peppers are simmered for two minutes, and the cold water is removed.

  6. Then lick the mushroom for half a minute and remove the cold water.

  7. Above, put all in one big bowl. Add salt, vinegar, olive oil, and mix well.


Dutch beans, like other beans, are toxic if not cooked, so try to keep the water for a long time. Olive oil can be replaced with sesame oil or hot sesame oil.

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